Company events

Horse Park Kamenný Dvůr joins the relaxation in a beautiful nature with the possibility of holding a company or beneficial event or a celebration.

The whole area is completely private, therefore in case of a reservation and rental, nobody except for your guests is allowed in.

We will arrange for refreshment, catering, high-end technical equipment and accommodation for your guests, who can also visit our sauna, gym or tennis court.


  • ˇŠkoda Electric a.s.
  • Volkswagen
  • Porsche Praha
  • Fiat Group Automobiles
  • Oracle
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Hilti

Big Club

The ideal place for formal events, company trainings and presentations.

Equipped with high-end technical facilities including wi-fi connection, projection screen, projector and surround sound.

Have a look at possible seating arrangements of the Big Club:


Disposes of an open grill and a dance floor for almost one hundred people.

It is the perfect place for receptions, beneficial events, celebrations or parties.

It is possible to rent the whole areal or the individual representative rooms.
For more information, contact us via email or per telephone on +420 734 857 937.

About us

The country mansion Horse Park Kamenný Dvůr lies in the beautiful nature nearby Dobříš. It is located on the place of the former farm, a part of the near chateau Buková, which belonged to the Colloredo-Mansfeld family. The history of the original farm begins in the year 1879.

After a sensitive reconstruction and subsuming of modern elements within the original historical building, a place, where tradition meets nowadays comfort has come into existence.

Modern premises, which offer horse stabling in generous stalls, two outdoor and two indoor riding halls.

You can book comfortable accommodation in our facilities and treat yourself to relaxation on our tennis court, in the gym or in the sauna.

Velký klub

Equestrian premises

Our equestrian premises are perfect for horse stabling.

You can choose from:

  • 20 indoor stone stalls
  • 8 English outdoor stalls

The robust stone walls of the stables prevent overheating in the summer and help keeping a constant temperature in the winter. A part of the horse barn is also a washing stall and a solarium.

The care is provided continuously by experienced certified grooms.

We dispose of luxurious facilities for the riders including club, gym or sauna.

All premises and tack rooms are secured and guarded 24 hours a day by a safety agency. There is a camera security system in the stables.

Michael Deters

To clients of Horse Park and its riding school we offer an exclusive experience and a chance to train with a leading German dressage trainer and rider Michael Deters. The trainings are designed not only for those with racing ambitions but to anyone wanting to take their riding skills to the next level.

Indoor riding

Indoor round

Large outdoor

Small outdoor

Contact us via email or per telephone on +420 734 857 937.

Indoor big riding hall

The indoor big riding hall enables trainings for more riders at once all year long.

The riding area of 26 × 65 m is roofed by a steel construction with a sheathing from Siberian larch.

Naturally, you can find a place for referees and tribune for up to 135 spectators.


Indoor round riding hall

The indoor round riding hall with 21 m across is dedicated foremost for beginners' training and for lungeing.

Instead of windows, there are anti-wind nets installed, which ensure sufficient air circulation in the summer and which do not let wind inside in the winter. 

Also the parents will be kept warm, when watching their offspring and vice versa. 


Big outdoor riding arena

The big outdoor riding hall with the area of 45 × 70 m offers enough space for trainings or competitions, which you can observe from the stair auditorium, terrace of the Men's Club or from the balconies of the hotel rooms.

The riding hall is perfect for organizing competitions and riding parades, moreover, it is suitable for holding a company event, beneficiary event or party as well.


Small outdoor riding arena

Next to the round indoor riding hall, there is the small outdoor riding hall, disposing of a size of a small dressage rectangle 20 × 40 m

It can be used as a practice arena in the case of a competition.


The lesson takes 60 minutes.

The 1 st lesson is FREE

You can register per email or per telephone +420 734 857 937.

Riding school

Riding school for children and for adults is a part of our premises.
We offer trainings for beginners as well as for advanced riders.

The training is led solely by trainers from Czech Equestrian Federation.

We excel thanks to our individual approach and high-quality facilities for the riders as well as for the horses.

We are fully flexible.

  • With us, you can undergo a systematic training, which will prepare you for the basic training examinations*.
  • Our smallest guests can ride a pony.
  • You can change horses or in case you prefer one, you can ride only one horse.

We also offer the possibility of horse rental – try out, how does it feel to own a horse for a specific time (i.e. half a year).
You will be the only one to ride the horse and you will experience all the joy and the responsibilities bound with an ownership of a horse.

* Thanks to our membership in the Czech Equestrian Federation, it is possible to gain a hobby rider license and take part in hobby riding competitions.